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Organ Donation Technical Assistance Project for Compliance

Led by AlmavivA, the "Organ Donation Technical Assistance Project for Compliance" is being carried out by Ankara University and BYS Group. The project aims to enhance the quality and safety standards for organ donation and transplantation, achieve compliance with EU regulations for cadaveric organ donation, strengthen the database, and increase organ donation rates in Turkey.

The project is funded by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey under the supervision of the Central Finance and Contracts Unit. The beneficiary organization is the Ministry of Health.

Objectives The ultimate goal of the project is to contribute to compliance with EU legislation and practices in the field of public health, with a particular focus on increasing cadaveric organ donation in Turkey. The project aims to establish quality and safety standards for organ donation and transplantation in medical treatment.

Expected Outcomes The expected outcomes of the project are as follows:

  • Adaptation of Turkish organ transplantation and donation legislation to the EU.

  • Increase in knowledge and awareness of healthcare personnel about organ donation and transplantation.

  • Improvement in the quality and safety of organs.

  • Increase in public awareness of organ donation and transplantation.

  • Enhancement of international cooperation on organ donation.

  • Activities to be carried out under the Project on Organ Donation:

  • Preparation of a draft law in line with EU regulations.

  • Training of 160 educators.

  • Training of 1500 Specialist Doctors.

  • Organization of 2 international symposiums.

  • Amendments to the statistical data collection system.

  • Preparation of inspection forms for transplant centers.

  • Conducting cooperation visits to 4 EU countries.

  • Organization of 4 media briefing sessions under the project.

  • Organization of 2 informational sessions for religious leaders and representatives of civil society organizations.

  • Preparation of a Communication Plan.

  • Organization of events to raise public awareness about organ donation.

  • Signing of bilateral agreements and protocols with 4 EU countries.

Healthcare personnel training aims to improve their knowledge of organ donation, provide them with training, enhance existing training programs, and offer training courses on organ transplantation and donation for healthcare personnel. Special events will be organized related to the training of healthcare personnel on organ donation and transplantation.

The training will cover all aspects of the revised organ donation and transplantation system, including principles, classification, working methods, legislation, statistics, and calculations. Conceptual and practical issues will be addressed, and different types of training will be provided to personnel and various groups based on identified training needs.

Communication strategy documents, briefing meetings with media representatives, and awareness-raising meetings with representatives of Muftis and the Presidency of Religious Affairs are being conducted to increase awareness of organ donation and transplantation.

Consortium The project will be implemented in partnership with AlmavivA, BYS Group, and Ankara University.

AlmavivA is Italy's number one provider of Information and Communication Technology.

AlmavivA's Health and Public Services Unit aims to provide more efficient, quality, and cost-effective services to the public to achieve better health outcomes for the government.

The BYS Group provides project management, IT, statistics, biostatistics, and energy consultancy, planning, and international project management services to enhance the brand values and corporate capacities of its business partners. In close collaboration with academic fields at universities, BYS Group manages information management, mathematical analysis, and inference applications with products such as ORACLE products, SAS products, IBM SPSS products, RUMM, MATLAB, STATA, MINITAB, and LISREL.

Ankara University Faculty of Medicine has been providing high-quality health services by graduating approximately 300 young doctors annually since 1945 and continues to meet a significant portion of the national doctor need. Postgraduate specialist training programs, which started with only one person in 1948, now continue with more than 400 people. Ankara University Faculty of Medicine includes its administrative and social buildings, placed in Ibn Sina Hospital, Cebeci Campus, Abidinpaşa, Public Health Center, and Morphology building, with its clinics with a capacity of 2500 beds, outpatient treatment units, laboratories, classrooms, meeting rooms, and library. With its high bed capacity equipped according to advanced technology and recent developments in medicine, AUFM ranks among the most prestigious centers in Turkey in terms of patient care and research activities.

There are two foreign key experts within the project team.

Civil Society Organizations in the Project: The Organ Transplant Coordinators Association, Turkish Intensive Care Association, Turkish Society of Anesthesiology and Reanimation, Association of Anesthesiology and Reanimation Specialists, Turkish Organ Transplantation Organizations Coordination Association, and Turkish Organ Transplantation Foundation will play a crucial role.

Organ Donation Technical Assistance Project


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